Project Timeline and FAQs


What is the duration of the project?

The duration of the project from start to finish is approximately nine months, with an anticipated completion date by June 2017.

Can anyone participate in this project?

Yes, this is a community-input driven process. Outcomes and future recommendations will be driven by the specific needs and vision articulated by community members. Check out the “Participate” page for specific ways you can get involved in the process.

How do I participate in the process?

Through the “Participate” section of this website you can provide general comments about your vision for the Park District’s future and learn about our survey and upcoming public meetings.

Who is responsible for Coordinating the Development of the Comprehensive and Strategic Plan?

The Board of Park Commissioners has approved engaging The Lakota Group team to conduct a community needs assessment to be completed in fall of 2016 and the development of a comprehensive and strategic plan with completion by June 2017.

Where can I find more information about this project?

Project information, including key meeting dates, completed project documents and presentation, and final documents will be made available through this website at

Project Timeline

Our approach to the Elmhurst Park District Comprehensive and Strategic Plan maximizes community input, pairing it with both Park District staff’s knowledge and experience and our team’s resources and expertise.

Our approach, organized into four phases, will provide a high-quality, flexible plan for the future of the Elmhurst Park District. Through over twenty years of facilitating successful community engagement processes as part of many planning assignments, we have developed and adapted our outreach program to include community dialogue at all levels and through various mediums. Each program is tailored to a community’s individual character and unique goals in a process that is creative, logical, and participatory.


In this first phase of planning, our team will focus on facilitating conversations with a wide variety of community stakeholders. These conversations fulfill two critical planning functions: to provide our project team with an understanding of stakeholder needs and priorities and to communicate a consistent message to the community, helping stakeholders to understand their role in the planning process.


During this second phase, which will occur concurrently with phase one, we will develop a comprehensive needs analysis working closely with the Park District staff and Board members. Following a kickoff meeting and study area tour, we will begin to collect and assimilate Park District information, including an inventory of parks, open space, trails, recreation facilities, and program offerings.


During this third phase of the planning process, we will create a shared long-term vision for the Park District based on the analysis completed in the previous project phase. We will develop and test alternative strategies for recreation programming; existing parks and open spaces; new parks, recreation facilities, and open spaces; and area trail corridors.


In this final phase of the planning process, we will focus on refining strategies for the 10-Year Vision. Then, recommendations for near and mid-term capital and operational strategies will be further refined and spelled out in a clear and concise 5-Year Strategy Action Plan.